“I DON´T GIVE AN X” – 4th anniversary & 50th edition celebration

Written by on March 20, 2018

Born in a breath of inspiration caught in a moment of artistic confusion, I Don’t Give An X, the techno flavoured radio show by Aleksander Great aka Aleksandre Banera dedicated to the idea of “authentic self expression” is celebrating it’s fourth anniversary this month with exactly 50 editions.

The urge to transmit something important and the need to to express it through music are the driving forces that created and are still shaping till this day the movement behind the name of the radio show: know who you are, do what you feel and ignore what people think its right for you.
Growing up in an environment where electronic music was something unfamiliar to everyone he knew, Aleksander Great realised that not caring about what your environment thinks about you and what you like is the key to happiness. You have to believe in who you are and go for it, even if no one understands. What once started as a mix between techno and harder shades of tech house played mainly on CD players soon after mutated into a completely techno live hybrid set with a faster, more raw and industrial touch.

As he states energy and emotions are the key:

It has to be uplifting. Oftentimes I find myself submerged in trends and grooves that quietly and unwillingly take that energy that I loved so much when I first started in electronic music away. There was a period I got lost on Beatport charts and promos I was receiving. Somehow the music just didn’t feel right to me anymore. I had to keep myself motivated. So I remembered: it has to be uplifting. From 126 I raised the BPM to 130-134, I re-evaluated what I was doing, changed style and decided to play again old tracks that I used to love.

That is also one of the main reasons he enjoys his live hybrid setup, which enables him to be constantly creative and challenged. Using four channels allows him to find energetic loops in some of the tracks for the purpose to keep the energy hight during the whole set.
As he says:

It’s hard to find 20 energetic and emotional at the same time tracks every month and keeping the energy high through a set is many times more difficult than it looks. This is why I love to use various technics and gear such as Ableton Live, Machine, Traktor, external effectors and controllers through all 6 channels on Xone:92 as the heart of my setup. All of that keeps me busy and playful, giving me more freedom so I can add percussions, melodies and effects. What I play also influences my production and usually during sets I get ideas that I use afterwords in the studio with my own tracks.

It’s very common that some of the radio shows are recorded live in the club during a gig.
Streamed all around the globe, IDGAX gave Aleksander Great the opportunity to collaborate with many radios and made him truly thankful to the people working hard for the scene.
One of the main characteristic of the radio show are its covers which are all connected by a series of themes with an inspirational and at time educational purpose. From important cities around to world, to a series of mystical megaliths and vintage sound equipment. This year the main theme is space and its elements. An extra touch of meaning to an idea that represents more than just music.

I started the project to feed my self with motivation and share it with others, but as it’s very common when it comes to artistic careers, the ups and downs of the industry can some times really discourage you. And it was to my pleasant surprise how over time I discovered that this radio show actually plays a big role about how I feel doing what I do and all thanks to my listeners. It is very emotional when random people send you videos of people dancing on your music in a random bar in Italy or a guy sending me a message to ask the title of a track that he heard on a specific minute in my set on a radio that was actually my track. Even my mother telling me she listens to my radio shows because it helps her to feel happier when she’s depressed. But probably the funniest story was when I left a CD with IDGAX on a bus station in Ibiza on the way home from a party in Space Ibiza. After a month or so the guy that found it wrote me he is listening to it everyday and after a bit he wrote me again to tell me he made copies for all his friends and they all want me to come to France to support me. All of this lights a smile on my face and at the end this is what matters.




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