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What’s next in Djing? Carl Cox will tell us!

Written by on February 16, 2015

To promote the new Native Instruments controller, the Traktor Control S8, Carl Cox talks about the advantages of the system. We will see this new trend by our point of view and explain a little bit what’s inside of this new controller.

What’s that?

The new S8 controller by Native Instrument is a very powerful physical interface which allows to use traktor without dealing with the computer directly. You’ll always need to have your mac connected with Traktor Skratch Pro 2 running, but the new controller allows you to do everything from the controller.

The interface has also 2 color lcd displays to have the same informations that you usually had on the screen directly on your controller. Plus, all the interface is designed in a very practical way to access all the remix deck’s functions: for a total of 8 remix channels you can load your loop, sample the track, pitch, loop and fx them.

All that is pretty cool, and for sure every serious dj can have a really good time with it.



Very interesting that it also contains already the sound card, preview out for headphones and mixer interface, with volume faders and equalizer, like a real mixer.

Definitely a powerful machine, but I have my idea about it.

So what?

The controller itself is amazing, like a starship.

The main advantage that i can see is that you can finally use traktor at its best without dealing with a mouse and keyboard from your mac. After playing for a long time in clubs, when switching from CD to Traktor, the opinion of my closest fans was… it seems a little bit you are checking your email.

And that was true, there is nothing you can do, the less your phisical interface can do, the more you have to squeeze your eyes trying to read the small text on the screen, which sometimes is not even very close to your position because of the shape of the consolle.

This has always been a shit, and it seems that with this controlled finally we can dj with traktor without loosing the contact with the crowd, alienating in the screen of our mac and super scared of clicking something bad on the touchpad.

For this reason, I say “thanks” to Native Instruments, as also here at 06AM Ibiza we noticed the problem.

This radio is 99% a vinyl radio, and people plays with timecode vynils for this same reason: watching someone lost in his screen is no fun at all, so basically Native Instrument noticed that too, and came to us with a pretty elegant solution.


All the glitters is not gold. Not speaking about the quality, for which I place Native Instruments on the top of the hill with very few other brands, but for other small disadvantages that a system like this can bring.

First of all, the controller is not small at all, and this makes it a bit hard to bring around, if your club doesn’t have it. This means that if you choose to have it in your set up, you’ll probably need to spend extra money for your plane ticket only for that, or you leave at home a dozen of other shirts.

This is what already happens to me bringin’ around my Maschine, but I still bring that instead of extra clothes 🙂

Then there is another important element to check: the internal mixing. Every club nowadays counts on the top mixers ever, A&H or Pioneer, but always with at least 4 channels of pure fun, with their own eq, bands and filters, and something very nice is adapting the style of mixing depending on the mixer that you fine in the club.


But is cool, you know that you deal with a normal mixer and also visually is very important to have the visual cue on the peaks of the main mixer, to check the final volume coming out, and to use the eq knobs of a real hardware machine which basically is the best thing for manipulating the sound.

That’s why for my personal taste having the mixer in the interface is probably good only for the young djs which goes to make the parties in places where there is no consolle, and the advantage of the S8 is for sure having all together, but if you play for a club that has for sure its own stuff, probably excluding the internal mixing and using the external one is the best choice for the ones who prefer the classics.

And this makes all the central part of the controller basically useless, and a smaller version without built-in mixer would be for me the perfect deal for my style of mixing.

By the way, it’s for sure a great piece of art and I can’t wait to put my hands on it, what’s your opinion?