Ultra Music Festival goes Underground

Written by on February 19, 2015

Ultra Music Festival 2015: time to change. That’s probably what the organizers of UMF 2015 thought when building up the lineup for a new stage. Its name is Resistance, and is the new stage for the Underground Music. They have now a cool new name and flyer, very underground, a bit cheesy but cool, is this gonna come “Underground Music Festival“?
The fact is that, despite the massive underground names coming out in this event, probably is not going to be a real “underground” event, simply for a main reason: you are still gonna pay the ticket for the entrance, and is a big organized party, not a free underground party…

Anyway the names are super good, let’s hope they won’t have someone telling them to play more easy.

In the first day, we can see there will be also Mano Le Tough, that we already met and interviewed for you in 2014 Ibiza Dj Awards, let’s see the interview to remember!

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