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Lisa Lashes presents Origin-L Launch Party 6th May If You Are in Birmingham United Kingdom Don`t Miss These Party With Lisa Lashes // Medhat & Dekkstrum And More.   At The Blockbox Lisa Lashes The only Female Artist to ever break into the Top 10 of DJ magazines Top 100 DJs, Lisa Lashes’ prolific Career […]

Familia,Wachtraum & Impress Event Production (I.E.P) Bring You On 14th Of May The  Most Powerful Techno Party In London!       If You Are In United Kingdom Do Not  Miss These Techno Party In London!! Be A Part Of Love And Happiness,Be Part Of Familia / WACHTRAUM & I.E.P! Familia // Wachtraum And I.E.P They […]

    Familia: Mathias Kaden & Paracou ,Roberto Capuano, Enrico Sangiuliano IF You Are In London UK Don`t Miss It To Be @ Egg London  On 12th Of March 2016  Where These Time You Can Be A Part Of FAMILIA // WACHTRAUM // IMPRESS EVENT PRODUCTION (I.E.P)!! 1 Night 3 Room`s 15 dj`s ,   […]

  If You Are In London UK On 09/01/2016 Then Don`t Miss These Party @ EGG London Alongside Of FAMILIA Staff,IMPRESS EVENT PRODUCTION (I.E.P) In Colaboretion With WACHTRAUM Will Host The Ground Floor @ EGG London RAUL MEZCOLANZA!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza   FABIO FLORIDO “When you find balance between a passion […]

    DEVOTION RECORDS LABEL NIGHT 18/12/2015 On Friday iF You Are in Barcelona,Be Sure Not To Miss This Hilarious Party In @ Bloc Barcelona With Dot Chandler aka Fernanda Martins // Spartaque // Lucas Freire aka Dj Lucas // Victor Fernandez   Friday 18th of December we will witness the first edition of devotion […]

    IMPRESS TECHNO RADIO SHOW            PRESENT MIQUELITO                     22/11/2015      A zene megsokszorozza örömünket, megsokszorozza fájdalmunkat. Ha elviselhetetlen a fájdalom, a zene két lehetőséget hagy, és döntésre kényszerít: elpusztulni vagy újjászületni. Bio A techno tipikusan poszt-indusztriális jelenség, az információs […]

  Impress Techno Radio Show 07/11/2015 2am        Devotion Podcast                      Mixed By      LUCAS FREIRE Tweets by djlucasfreire Lucas Freire was born in December 1979 in João Pessoa in the state of Paraiba but has […]

         HEROES OF TECHNO <>      PET DUO & CANDY COX         20/11/2015 MATTERSBURG (AU)   PET DUO   PETDuo: Machine Music with Heart and Soul! Rare is the electronic duo that makes a significant impact on the music scene, but even rarer is the electronic duo that […]

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