Top 10 Amazing Abandoned Subway Stations Great For An Underground Party

Written by on February 9, 2015

What’s best than an abandoned subway station for making a party? Deep in the ground, those places rich of history and past are waiting only for someone who brings them to life again. These are some fascinating pictures we chose as inspiration for your parties:

10. Cincinnati Abandoned  Subway Station


cincinnaty abandoned station



9. Amazing Abandoned Metro railway (we don’t know where it is)


8. Detroit Abandoned City Hall



7. Detroit Abandoned Church

Simply gorgeous. The only small problem is the reverb of the music in this place, need some big curtains to make it better like they do with the TimeWarp festival to improve the sound quality in the big halls like fair warehouses.

detroit church


6. Another Detroit Church, The Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church: amazing!

The Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church Detroit



5. The Variety Theatre in Cleveland

Here also the acoustic would be perfect

The Variety Theatre



4. Abandoned Power plant

This is so perfect!! Like being in a starship!!

abandoned power plant


3. Detroit: an abandoned gymnasium

Very easy to adjust for a party, can be a good choice!

detroit abandoned gymnasium


2. Philadelphia metropolitan opera house

philadelphia opera house


1. Pittsburg Abandoned Blast Furnace

Winner of this Top 10 of the best abandoned places to make an Underground party, this place has this “Unreal Tournament” style of details like the rusty enormous pipes which gives it a post-apocalyptic touch. Don’t even need to work on decorations, and the vast indoor places allows to easily obtain an amazing dance floor.

blast furnace abandoned pittsburg pittsburghsteel


And we are at the end of this top ten! Well, anyway being realistic everyone of these places is so dangerous that the numbers of death by injury after a party here can be really scary, so also if the pictures are really fascinating, we strongly discourage you to go there for any reasons.

But let’s say that remains impressive places anyway!

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