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Today at 17:00 pump up the volume with Bia Trixx!!

Written by on January 14, 2015

Today at 17:00 on we have a great artist from Brasil, a talented dj expressing her soul through the music: Bia Trixx!

Bia Trixx, always in love with music, spent much of her life studying music, working as a performance where she could become one with the music and follow the rhythms. She has been working for over 10 years in “Universo Paralello”, biggest brasilian festival, and her music reached a huge part of other huge festivals worldwide.

Four years ago she moved to Ibiza, to dedicate herself to her real passion, and her performances as dj revealed an impressive talent, really appreciated by the crowd.
Her set goes from Deep House to Tech House and Techno, they are full of melodies, personality and the dancing rhythm, reflecting her joy of living.

Since she was young she followed the sound of her heart, from the piano to the dj booth always looking for the best way to express her soul, showing to the world her love for the life through the music!

“There is no better way to share feelings than music! The language of life. “