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The Underground Sound Of Ibiza: Interviews to Mano Le Tough, Patrick Topping, Matador

Written by on October 11, 2014

Ibiza is gone more and more commercial regarding the club music situation of the last ten years, but this doesn’t describe the real entire scene of the island, as there are still places and djs that well represent the real meaning of “Underground Music”.

During the Dj Awards we had the occasion to interview three djs that more than others stands on the underground side of the music, and they are Mano Le Tough, Patrick Topping and Matador. We asked them which was their opinion regardin nowadays situation of the music in Ibiza, if they felt free to play their own style or if they felt driven to accomplish a different taste of the crowd.

We also asked if they think that there still is a real underground situation in the island, and how they feel while playing here. As latest questions, we also asked something for our listeners involved in music production: is it more important to focus on creating something original or to follow the trends?

Their answers have been all incredible, and inspired us for our radio and as musicians as well. Check them out!

DJ Awards 2014 Ibiza: Interview to Mano Le Tough

DJ Awards 2014 Ibiza: Interview to Patrick Topping

DJ Awards 2014 Ibiza: Interview to Matador

So, in conclusion, if you know where to look, the Underground sound is still alive and pumping in Ibiza, and there are still places and parties where the musicians have the freedom to express themselves without having to accomplish the requests of club owners more attached to the money than to the music, and there still are people able to listen, understand and dance at the best underground sonorities representing the future of the music.

This is the underground sound of Ibiza, and here we are to support and spread it to the world… If you like, do the same and share this post to your friends!