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By Sean Lewis This remix of “Road That Never Ends” will never be a weapon in the crate of dancefloor DJs trying to move the masses, but it’s definitely a weapon for dark-roomed, bass-heavy soundsystems. …read more Via: Starkey, Strikez, and Digital take us on a "Road That Never Ends"

By Ken Taylor David Guetta has never been your average electro-house producer, so it’s probably no surprise that “Shot Me Down” isn’t your average electro-house track. Out on Guetta’s dance-tracks-only Jack Back label, “Shot Me Down” takes a shuffly approach to production, while chanteuse Skylar Grey drops torchy vocals left and right. …read more Via: […]

By Ken Taylor It’s being reported that producer/DJ Sonic C (aka Anthony Rodriguez) died in a car accident on Sunday morning in his Florida hometown. …read more Via: Producer/DJ Sonic C dies in car accident at 21

By Glenn Jackson Hearing—it’s a sense all music lovers hold dear. But how well do we actually hear the music we listen to? Are we able to distinguish the subtleties of stereo depth, frequency-range coloring, clipping distortion, and the like? While we’d probably all like to think that we do, now there is an online […]

By Shelly Hartman Sometimes it’s not the major pieces of the composition that make the track great—it’s the small things. The devil is in the details, and this track has no shortage of little surprises. …read more Via: Cole Plante teams with Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell for "Here We Go Now"

By Ken Taylor We tend to do a fair bit of combing the web for the best in music-tech tutorials, and time and again, we come back to our friends at DJ TechTools, who just churn out helpful tips by the boatload. Today, man-with-the-plan Ean Golden gives us a primer on some effects techniques for […]

By Glenn Jackson With the annual NAMM conference around the corner, Roland has teased a new drum machine, the AIRA TR-08, which it says represents “the next step” in the lineage of its legendary TR-808 rhythm box. …read more Via: Is this the next generation of Roland's legendary TR-808 drum machine?

By Glenn Jackson Oh, the age-old art of blowing into videogame cartridges in order to get them to actually work. Sure, it’s a skill that won’t exactly get you a job these days, but most anyone who grew up around the not-so-far-gone days of cartridge-based videogame consoles had that maneuver imprinted somewhere in their DNA […]