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By Ken Taylor For some, the Olympic Games are a show of physical strength, teamwork, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and national pride. For others, it’s all about the spectacle of the opening ceremonies, which, on top of drawing a pretty ridiculous amount of viewers, set the tone for the weeks to follow. And it’s hard to set […]

B.A.B.A. Records is happy to announce the brandnew Homepage is up now and running groovy! Visit for a major check in brandnew preview mode (playlist on top of the site: thx LabelPRO!!!), latest releases, updated artistroster, booking contact, save links and recent posts.    

By Ken Taylor Ah, the bromance—the easy-breezy friendly love between dudes just casually hanging out and having fun. It really knows no boundaries, and in fact, it seems to flourish in the entertainment community, where photographic evidence of said loves is posted on artists’ Facebook and Instagram pages and immediately disseminated all over the world. […]

By Ken Taylor First, there was the slew of silly covers of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” Now, it’s Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” that’s attracted the attention of musical gimmicks worldwide—but hey, it’s hard to argue that melody, right? Today we caught wind of a group of bagpipers—cleverly named the Red Hot Chilli Pipers—who decided to […]

By Ken Taylor The Theremin wasn’t only a breakthrough in proximity-sensor technology—it also revolutionized music as we know it. From the Beach Boys to Dr. Who to god knows how many amazing compositions, the instrument has solidified its place in the pantheon of electronic-music-making gadgets. For those of us with a few hundred bucks to […]

By Matt Ferry With the way that electro house has fueled festival stages the last few years, it’s easy to write it off as nothing more than hard kick-drums, a few off-tempo glockenspiel plucks, and brash drops. But do a little digging beyond the chart-toppers, and you’ll find a veritable wonderland of fluorescent melodies and […]

By Ken Taylor You may know that Skrillex is in the midst of a series of city takeovers right now, and he’s currently posting up in San Francisco for a string of unique gigs. On Monday night, comedian Dave Chappelle (who frequently does his own residencies in the Bay), surprised fans at Skrillex’s show at […]

By Ken Taylor It’s hard, at first, to watch Steve Angello’s new South American tour wrap-up video and not think you’re catching the trailer for a new crime thriller. With an ominous beat introducing the clip, we see Angello sitting pensively in a car in the darkest of night, being shuttled through the streets of […]