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PdLR / Minimal Techno, Techno.

PdLR began his musical career by the name Parker. In 2008 he changed his name to Parker de La Rocca, short PdLR.

His sound is influenced by the great time of mega-raves & the young Progressive Scene in northern Germany. His understanding of sound, rhythm & track construction is based on this and characterizes his style from this family background .


From the beginning, he created a driving, demanding Progressive & Minimal Techno with which he cheered the audience. The characteristics of the medium vinyl in selection & presentation he transmits to his digital DJ-equipment since 2012.
Cue point’s, Set’s & lists are foreign words for him and would Parker only slow down on his show. The targeted treatment with samplers, digital effects and filters connects changed and he increases his and the track’s from the biggest DJs to its unique and distinctive set and rocking it in a very particular kind.

How it all started Parker always saw himself as a musician and made this claim in 1988, he sat down with electronic music apart.
From 1992 he visited the birthplaces of electronic music and the germ cells of the Progressive-Scene in Northern Germany.
Parker finally brought these musical roots in 1998 to devote themselves completely to make this music henceforth as a Dj & Producer talked about. His first booking at all was in an illegal in & outdoor location in the Harz-Nature-Reserve, where some of the biggest up to date DJs already played sets in the early 90’s. From then on, Parker was an integral part of young Progressive-Scene every weekend and put on the most were promoting only with parties on word of mouth.
One year later, he became resident DJ in 1999 in the trendy and illegal underground club “Südbahnhof” in Hannover. International Stars of the scene were among those the jack in the hand and strengthened at Parker a high international standard of his performance of sound.
In the years 2000-2006 Parker worked for the leading companies in Europe in sound & light, making it a move to Hamburg in 2001 was no alternative, because finally there were also some of their biggest names. Parker played in many of the biggest clubs in Hamburg. There he developed and strengthened his distinctive sound on. Eventually he developed his sound to a mix of techno and progressive. His sound is most likely attributable to the techno, although he has repeatedly invented his personal sound atmosphere so new that the sound can be recognized as him. To communicate this change to the outside world, he changed his name to Parker de La Rocca, short PdLR.
2010 PdLR made his former hobby into a business and put it all on his own productions & Sets reaching the high international standard of use.
2012 PdLR has not only charted in the Beatport Techno Top100 mixes, but also in the Beatport Techno Top100 Djs, too.
PdLR now saw the time has come to go with his productions to the public, after massive response will now appear on various labels independent musical visions of Techno.

His current projects promise an exciting future…

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