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Lolla Tek: Special Guest for TechnoSession Ibiza episode 22!

Written by on March 26, 2015

For the new episode of TechnoSession Ibiza, on air tonight at 22:00 with the new Live Performance from Aaron Mills,  there will be a special guest which stands out for her amazing techno style: Lolla Tek!

When beauty and style are perfectly blended together:

Lolla Tek (Consumed Music/Jumpstereo/Dynamo/Malicious Smile) is a Ukraine born DJ/Producer and a Label owner coming from the new techno generation. Performing all around Amsterdam for the past 7 years at some of the most renowned and desired venues, Lolla has created a bio that most of the industry only dream about. She is a resident DJ in Amsterdam at Techno Tuesdays @ Sugar Factory, along to being a co-creator of the infamous event project IMAGICA.
Driving techno and dark house productions that Lolla developed in the past years inspired by names like : Carlo Lio, Ron Costa, the Junkies.

Tonight’s Lolla Tek’s playlist:

1) Marc Galindo – Retweet (The Deals Remix)
2) The Southern – Under The Skin (Ant Brooks Remix)
3) Adrian Izquierdo – 9Ne (A++,Daniell C Remix)
4) Nonyas – Final Chapter (Original Mix)
5) A++, Nonyas – Nebula (Marc Galindo Remix)
6) The Southern – Purgatory (Original Mix)
7) A++, Daniell C – Keep Me Closer (Original Mix)
8) A++ – V1olence (Original Mix)
9) Marc Galindo – Alright (Manu Sanchez Remix)
10) Stephen Macias – Seraine (Original Mix)
11) Grasso & Maxim – Dens (Sonate Remix)
12) A++, Nonyas – Rail Effect (Lolla Tek Remix)
13) Lucas Freire – Living Dead (Skober Remix)