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Jordi Tur: A Story Of Success Born In The White Island

Written by on August 2, 2014

We are happy to introduce to you Jordi Tour, one of the most respected djs of Ibiza, playing since more then 10 years in the best clubs and radios of the island.

He started his professional dj career nearly 10 years ago, in a place called Izay, in Marina Botafoch, and followed playing at another well known radio of the island, “Ibiza Global Radio”, with Miguel Garji, Jose Marìa Ramon, David Moreno and Toni Moreno.
Later he started playing also in another big radio, Ibiza Sonica, and his show “SumaRecords Radio Show” is now spread all around the world through radio stations based in Rome, Barcelona, Bilbao, Tenerife and many other big cities.

Ibiza Global Radio has been the key which opened the doors for many important places as Pacha, Space, Es Paradis, BoraBora, km5 and many other of the most known clubs in the island.

Saturday 2 august on there will be his dj set in video live broadcast from 06AM Ibiza Underground Studios, where we can watch in real time the mixing act of this great artist.

The interview:

How do you think the music scene changed in the last years in Ibiza and what do you think about it?

Actually the music style in Ibiza changed a lot and is much more focused on increasing the sales that maintaining the real style of the sound that characterized the island and built his success along the past decade. The clubs changed a lot and the historical clubs like Pacha, that were characterized for a specific style of music like for example “House”, are now much more focused in attracting people with other styles of music imposed by the global music market.

Which are actually your favorite artists?

Actually i like djs like Uner and Trentemoller but actually the same influence of the market affecting the clubs is changing also many of the major producers of the moment. I cannot say for real which are my favorite djs except for some like Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner, which i specially like for their unique special style.

Which style of music are you going to purpose today for 06AM Ibiza?
Very underground, without singing, also including some of my favourite tracks from the past like some vinyls that i specially took for the occasion from Trentemoller and Anja Shneider.