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Ibiza’s top underground sound with Nick Stim today live!!!

Written by on August 14, 2014

At 18:00 the live performance in video broadcasting is from Nick Stim! Don’t miss it on

Born in Paris ( France ), Nick meets music at the young age of 8 at the classical conservatory where he also studied drums and percussions for 8 years. He played in various rock bands at the age of 14 as a drummer, and in 1999 discovers electronic music and specially trance. After many collaborations with artists such as Bamboo Forest or Tikal, he decided to create his own trance project: Sonnik. Before moving to Ibiza in 2009, Nick ´s taste had evolved to slower and groovier styles with electro and house influences and joining the label iBZ Recordings he also experimented new electronic trends playing for Take No System Parties. He was also resident DJ of Wicked Tuesday Morning ( after Cocoon ) and Wicked Thursday Morning ( After La Troya. Amnesia ) with DJ The Gee ( Gee Spot Recordings ), Dimitri Nakov ( TRONIC ) and Marc Ramsey ( Noir ). In 2013 , Nick Stim became resident of the Bohemia Ibiza and Login after parties sharing line up with Agoria, Philip Jung, Betoko, Konrad Black, Djebali, Jef K, Alex Niggemman, Dan Caster, Renè and Nick Warren. His style is a trend of its own, embracing the best of underground beats with a very personal mix of groovy and progressive touch. Nick Stim is today one of the few DJ who can presume of an exclusive musical identity.