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Free Podcast June 26 2018

Written by on June 25, 2018

Welcome to the new edition of the 06Am Ibiza Free Podcast Newsletter.

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Podcast of the week

  • FEATURED: #beauthentic Radio Show ep 001 presents Lilly Pause
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  • Deepicnic Podcast Radio Show ep 097 presents Christian Hornbostel
  • DMix Radio Show ep 07 presents Oscacr L (Live from E.S.P. for Superior Clubbing, Johannesburg – ZA)
  • Eagle Sessions Radio Show ep 157 presents AlBird, Christian Hornbostel
  • Feeling Emotive Radio Show ep 88 presents Andrea Martini
  • Ibiza Calling Radio Show ep 56 presents Valentino Weethar
  • Minitech Recordings Radio Show ep 41 presents Minitech Project & Calm Chor
  • Naked Lunch PODCAST Radio Show ep 287 presents UNCERTAIN
  • NOW Radio Show ep 033 presents Thomas Schumacher
  • Oniric Factory Radio Show ep 20180219 presents LMR
  • RT60 Radio Show ep 005 presents Sebastian Ossavelas
  • Sound Kleckse Radio Show ep 0278 presents Jens Mueller
  • Stereo Productions Podcast Radio Show ep 236 presents Carlos Manaca
  • Substantial Radio Show ep 20 presents Olga
  • This Is Techno Radio Show ep 006 presents CSTS
  • Transmissions Radio Show ep 218 presents Oscar L
  • Tronic Radio Show ep 290 presents Drunken Kong

Lilly Pause

Lilly Fragkou was born and raised in Athens. After participating events from various cultures and underground music genres, she decided to dedicate herself in electronic music and to start from scratch as Lilly Pause. Soon enough, her collaboration with numerous radio stations (Trust, Must, Hit FM and Be Radio) had started as well as her participation to events both inside and outside Athens, close to artists such as Bart Skils, Layton Giordani, Charlotte De Witte and Spartaque. 

The music I choose and affects me is a game of contrast, like an underground room that is being violently intruded by a ray of sunlight which upsets the absence of colors… Darkness, sexuality, energy, rhythm and melody that will sweep you away are mixed together in order to create a revolution; the revolution of soul, the awakening of our well hidden instincts, those that makes us both authentic and naked in front of our own self.

Currently working in the studio is her top priority alongside upcoming gigs that she will participate in.

DISCLAIMER: We received permission from all the artists partecipating to our radio to occasionally share their podcasts to our subscribers. All the music consists in underground fresh electronic sound far from the commercial copyrighted material. The access is restricted to our artists and subscribers and is not public. There are no single tracks to download, all the material is re-elaborated, unique, unpublished or non copyright-protected.