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Free Podcast July 03 2018

Written by on July 3, 2018

Welcome to the new edition of the 06Am Ibiza Free Podcast Newsletter.

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Adhering more to the avant-garde side of club culture, Sian represents an otherworldly, slow,dark and hypnotic slant on machine made music. Boldly crossing borders between Techno, Hip-Hop, Dub or Acid, his fearless stance as an experimental electronic artist has seen him crush clubs and festivals worldwide each week with explosive DJ sets.
His label, Octopus Recordings, has continuously burnt the rulebook on main-stage hits,broke countless future heroes, and is ranked amongst the highest selling Techno labels. Exploring sonic, visual, and physical artforms, Sian and Octopus have collaborated with video artists, streetwear makers, skaters and vocalists to continuously push the collective vision into new territory.
Developing his like minded roster crew further with each step, Sian is bringing Octopus Recordings highly polished monochrome aesthetics to sold out label showcases across the planet.

Upcoming parties:

    Eclipse Festival, Bonnet Rouge, Sainte Therese de la Gatineau, Canada
    Glow, Bangkok, Thailand
    CRSSD, San Diego, CA, USA


DISCLAIMER: We received permission from all the artists partecipating to our radio to occasionally share their podcasts to our subscribers. All the music consists in underground fresh electronic sound far from the commercial copyrighted material. The access is restricted to our artists and subscribers and is not public. There are no single tracks to download, all the material is re-elaborated, unique, unpublished or non copyright-protected.