Festival Forte // 24, 25 & 26 August 2017 // Montemor-o-Velho Castle // Portugal

Written by on June 22, 2017

Representing both the new and original techno-lovers, Festival Forte is for those who appreciate the scenes niche grounding and respect its primal formula. The intimate nomadic setting of Forte – adorning the picturesque Portuguese countryside – is maintained through small ticket sales, as a means of offering the most personal and gratified experience tailored to the festival goer; a safe space to experience the most dark and euphoric of electronic audio.

Enriching an already concrete lineup, the avante guarde drones of Lydia Lunch, Mia Zabelka & Zahra Mani will be playing the A/V show alongside Adriana Lopez‘s straight-core techno sets – bringing a mythical sentience to her festival beats. Also joining them: Portugal’s own, Amulador & Apart, will throw down some full-bodied drops – whilst Danny Daze resurrects 90s european acid-underground.

Byetone’s ambient electronic movements will transcend across the castle grounds whereas Ninos Du Brasil‘s intense, native percussion sequences will punctuate the space.

Parisian techno lord ShlØmo, will also be making an appearance at Forte this year; yielding varying algorithms for progressive euphoria.

Bringing with them punchy industrial infused techno to rekindle a lost love or to ignite a new one, T.Raumchmiere and Phase Fatale will also bare the stage in August.

Adam X’s Transversable Wormhole project will be appearing at Forte this year – a manifesto of seductive subs and pragmatic rhythms is a given.

The legendary Jeff Mills will embrace the stage in August with his fast paced repertoire, whilst Blawan and Shifted slows things down with some indulgent punchy techno sets.

Co-owner of Kompakt, Michael Mayer, and Dasha Rush will be starring at Forte and indulging audiences with a prestigious cocktail of techno filled with plutonic drops. Nathan Fake, future house and garage hybrid, will offer a change up this year, whilst Ron Morelli stays with classic house and smaller ephemeral variations.

DVS1‘s eclectic mix of international electronic, moving from Detroit techno influences to European industrial, is sure to infatuate the audience, whilst Oscar Mulero crosses the spanish border to bring his concrete techno.

Exoteric Content carries a multi-disciplinary practice that involves both the visual and audio arts. His sets will take on an enchanted vibe projecting audiences into a state of bewildered euphoria.

The likes of Peder Mannerfelt, In Aeternam Vale, Lussuria, and Manu (who plays with environmental sound) also have their teeth sunk into the experimental genres – they’ll be featuring this year.

Bringing with him from Berlin – experimental electro and chopped and screwed genres, Clark will open your mind to the philosophical context of music. Kangding Ray will also bring his subtle approach to experimental electronic from Berlin. Having performed at the Rossini Opera Festival in 2012 – an honour bestowed upon one electronic musician per year – Lucy is sure to impress the experimental thrill seekers this year at Forte.

The once urban jungle, that reverberated domesticated beats, will dilate through space to produce an unrequitable sound native to Montemor-o-Vehlo, and – as promised – Festival Forte 2017 will be loaded with stunning audio-visuals to transport both the audience and artist to a lucid unification.


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