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If You Are In London UK On 09/01/2016 Then Don`t Miss These Party @ EGG London

Alongside Of FAMILIA Staff,IMPRESS EVENT PRODUCTION (I.E.P) In Colaboretion With WACHTRAUM Will Host The Ground Floor @ EGG London

RAUL MEZCOLANZA!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza!/RaulMezcolanza



“When you find balance between a passion for music and a pure love of nightlife, you have found the perfect combination to build something unique”.

As a teenager Fabio studied at the “Giuseppe Verdi” academy in Prato, Italy. Having spent most of his youth in night clubs and festivals across Europe, he spread the essence of music & fun on his own skin, building his knowledge week by week and experiencing the party scene first hand.

In 2007 Fabio moved to London where he spent hours in the studio developing his own unique style, combining techno and tech house – up to his first release in 2011.

More EPs and remixes on several European labels followed, soon recognised and supported by artists like Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Luigi Madonna, Subfactral, Markantonio, Sasha Carassi and many more. Touched by the positive support, Fabio worked hard to shape his own vision of music also through his dj sets. Never satisfied, he sees himself in constant search of music, tools and new equipment to stand out from the crowd.

2012/13 took Fabio to another level. Having moved to Ibiza, he came into contact with those who gave him the initial inspiration; including Richie Hawtin and his ENTER. concept. During that time Fabio was lucky to listen, dance and experience many of his own productions played by the best djs on the most talked about dance floors in the world.

Fabio now took control of the dance floor like never before and in 2014 became a resident at the ENTER. events at Space Ibiza, with appearances at ENTER. international events around the globe. This residency has launched Fabio at lighting speed onto the international circuit, and garnered many fans for the Tuscan native. In August his first EP “Be yOu” followed on Hawtin’s Minus label. There is no stopping.

Fabio Florido has proven that he is one to watch for the future with the “best yet to come” !



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  • rregular Synth is a futuristing Italian dj and producer, really appreciated in the club scene worldwide. He started his DJing career when he was very young in Naples, one of the most generating cities where many famous techno DJs from. Today, thanks to his unique talent, his hard work and to his musical background, Irregular Synth is among in the most fast-rising stars with uncountable recognizable successes. He always focuses his attention on the dance floor, in order to let everybody live a special experience and a singular musical journey through his sound. His dj sets usually contains many original elements such as groovy vibes, melodies and last but not least powerful bass lines, all serving his big love, Techno. Irregular Synth is also a prolific producer and his latest tracks were released on some big international labels like MB Elektronics, Driving Forces, Respekt Recordings, Naked Lunch, Loose, Advanced and many more, being supported from the greatest legends out there. Keep your eyes on, because Irregular Synth is here to reach the stars and beyond.



Anthony Castaldo is born in Naples.
This young talent dj and producer is managed to carve out a sweep in the techno scene despite his young age thanks to his productions that can boast of positive feedback from many famous artists of minimal & techno music.
And thanks to his productions on labels of a certain size such as Respekt , Organism , Ground Factory , Driving Forces and many others…




London based,
Marco is a italian dj and producer born in Augsburg (Germany) in 1984.
Already as a child he shows a keen sense of attraction towards electronic music.
When he was 12 years,he goes back in Italy with his family.
During the summer 2001 Marco met a dj who will become one of his best friends.
Thanks to him,Marco will begin to “move” behind the consolle.
The following year he buys an old sampler (Akai s700),which use it will be necessary to consolidate its artistic inclination to the composing of Eletronic music.
As time goes on,Marco realizes a small and useful recording studio.

•• DAWs: Cubase or Logic (depends from the mood) and Analog Synths.. and Ableton just in some collaboration cases.

•• as dj he prefer to play with Vinyl or Live.
•• He is the older brother of Stefano Ranieri,also dj/producer









  • Augsburg, Germany
  •  Techno Dj Producer/ Remixer
    • Info, Promo, Booking,Remix request:


Giuseppe Di Domenico alias ” Uakoz ”, born in Italy in 1990.
Thanks to his father’s ”Rock&Roll” vinyls collection, got very early his first connection with the world of music.
Pushed by the power of music, at the age of seventeen, he bought his first drum-machine and since that day, inspired by Electronic music especially fast and pumping bets he got his first connection with Techno – Techno Minimal,
he start to make is own music.
He got very confident in music software, always side by side with his ”Korg Electribe MX” and external hardwares.
His productions, gave him the chance to release on: Terminal – M (Monika Kruse’s Label) Elevate (Pig & Dan’s Label) Respekt Recordings (Spektre’s Label) Italo Business (Dandi & Ugo’s Label) Ground Factoy Records [Kalden Bess’s Label)
!Organism [Yan Stricker’s Label]
Riot Recordings (Frankyeffe’s label)
Selected Records (Gabriel D’or & Bordoy’s Label) and many more.
In 2013 decided to hone his skills and his studies on electronic music by attending the prestigious institution based in Milan (SAE Institute)
Getting excellent results in that course he done and got the official certificate of Ableton-Live Certified Producer.
At the moment his tracks are played around the world by many international artists such: Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan, Karotte, Frankyeffe, Enrico Sangiuliano, Florian Miedl and many others.





Andrea is a London based Dj and Producer.

A true passion for music has always been inside him and this has always led him through all the different choices of his life, guided him to live for and with music.

Since when he was a child he studied musical theory and different instruments like guitar and drum, purchasing a solid musical knowledge.

Musical influences are almost endless, and all projected in his productions and dj set: personal, intelligent and creative.

In 2011, thanks to his skills and to the friendship with the Dj and Producer Frankyeffe, Andrea became resident Dj in several parties in Rome, playing in some of the best clubs of the city, sharing the decks with names like : Harvey McKay, Ida Engberg, Mauro Picotto, Karotte & many more.

In 2013 Andrea began his journey into the world of productions, releasing several tracks and reaching important results such as the releases for Basswalk Rec, Shibiza, Nell Records and one of the most important, his release for “Riot Recordings” (Label owned by Frankyeffe) that includes a special techno remix by Drumcomplex.

At the end of 2013 Andrea moved to London, where he started his studies in Sound Design and Sound engineering at “Sae Institute”.

His production are currently supported by names like: Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Rino Cerrone, Marco Bailey, Alex Mine, The Deepshakerz, Rob Hes, Frankyeffe & many more.