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WttSW session Radio Show

WttSW session Radio Show

Stas Sursyakov, a.k.a SiSTAl.

When I started studying electronic dance music, I do not thought it will be one of the most important in my life.

SiSTAl prefers hypnotic techno with deep philosophical meaning. His desire it create their own customized stylistic puzzle.

His copyrighted works are built on constant expansion of space, that makes the listener to plunge meditative and hypnotic state this is a total immersion in the deep field of electronic music.

The term” techno” is still used in the project WttSW here only the most interesting from the world of club life. As part of this project created an opportunity to see the musical world through different eyes, eyes Sistal’a.

I’m never pleased with myself, so I always try to strive for the best.’