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What is MYGOD?

MYGOD is fusion between electronic dance music with Pop and Rock, powerful and pure. The music was conceived for electronic people, and also for pop and rock music lovers. Their songs are dynamic, energetic and flying trips.

MYGOD style unifies pop melodies with electronic grooves, with analog instruments (guitars, bass, drums and percussion), live voices, and a live DJ that puts the dance floor groove to the songs. The perfect match for MYGOD´s music are the open air festivals, where the powerful songs goes through the people bringing them up to an unforgettable trip.

Depeche mode, New Order, The Police, Empire of the sun, among many others…

MYGOD was created by Rodrigo Etchegaray in January of 2010. He gave his songs to 2 brilliant electronic producers (Martin Alonso and Gabriel Roselli, a.k.a. “Headquates”), and with the magic guitars of Antonio Torres and Diego Albano, the sound of MYGOD was born.
The band got bigger with Facundo Passeri (an amazing drummer), and Lautaro Fernandez Minich in the bass that gave MYGOD a powerful and fat sound.
MYGOD increase his popularity in 2011 with the vocals that he put in the song “You are” of Dnox & Beckers”, that reached the 5th place in Beatport´s charts, that also was remixed by Layo & bushwacka”. That song was heard also in John Digweed sets of that year.
Another Dj that played MYGOD songs was the great Carl Cox, with the excellent remix of “Don’t Stop” by Dj Elio Riso: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An4aBCawa4M
MYGOD added in their live shows beautiful and meaning visuals made by Vj/Producer Matias Marano; and the incredible artist Martin Varbaro designs the stage decoration.

MYGOD is about to edit his first album with many remixes in a great international label.

Elio Riso, Leif Hatfield, Antix, Londonground, Dubsective, Facundo Mohr, Gee Van D