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Deeper Sounds presents The FunHouse! Friday 4th September / Dunes (Ibiza)

Written by on August 28, 2015

As the Ibiza Season starts its final descent into September, DJs and promoters are still delivering some very special parties on the island. Deeper Sounds will be returning to the White Isle once again for a one-off special party in Playa d’en Bossa on Friday 4th September, for a marathon event starting at 18:00 CET going on right through to sunrise at 06:00 CET the following morning.

Returning back to where it all began, Deeper Sounds presents: ‘FUNHOUSE’ will take place at Dunes Ibiza, and will feature an impressive group of Ibiza regulars, as well as some of the freshest nu-breed talent from London.

As the team gears up for their huge party, 06AM Ibiza Underground Radio caught up with Deeper Sounds founder and resident Andy Eastough, and one of his guests, Sally Love.


Andy Eastough, Founder & Resident of Deeper Sounds

Andy Eastough

When did you first start to DJ and what inspired you?

I bought a set of Numark Belt Drives back in 1996. Watching the DJs close up week in week out at Progress in Derby and seeing how they worked the crowd was what inspired me to do it for myself, so I started recording my mixes to tape and send them out to clubs and agencies, and it went from there.

Where was your first DJ gig?

Progress for their ‘Hot To Trot’ night in Chesterfield in 1997. I played a 6 hour back to back set with my mate Kris O Rourke, and we became monthly residents there.

What was the first track you ever bought?

Tori Amos ‘Professional Widow’ featuring the now classic ‘Armand Van Helden Trunkin Funkin’ mix, back in 1996 on vinyl and it was an EastWest Promo.

Which DJs / Producers have influenced you over the years?

Early influences for me came in the late 80’s/early 90’s. The first dance compilations I purchased were called ‘The Right Stuff’ featuring a mixture of hip hop and early house music. From there I moved into the Rave scene where one album in particular became one of my most inspiration albums and still holds that crown to date. Fantazia ‘The First Taste’ (1992). It was different and like nothing I had heard before, if you listen to it now it still sounds as fresh as it did back then. The sounds you hear in that album can still be heard in the tracks I play today. In 1995/1996 I discovered Paul Oakenfold and Perfecto, Paul was a huge inspiration to me, I liked how varied his sets were, incorporating original film scores with his goa trance sound. After taking a break from DJing I came back refreshed in 2012, with new excitement and buzz about the sounds I was hearing from DJs like Shur-I-Kan, Julio Bashmore, Disclosure and Dusky. From that point I began to create my Deep/Tech/Techno/Electronica sound.

What album are you playing at the moment?

Zero 7 ‘Simple Things’. This is an album that has never really left my playlist since 2001, it’s never dated in 14 years. They’ve continued to produce quality tracks, but it’s this album that remains on top for me.

 Any memorable DJ moments?

Back to 1997 and myself and DJ partner at the time Kris O’Rourke were playing our 2nd or 3rd set for Hot to Trot at the Gate in Chesterfield. Promoters Pete & Russell had asked if we’d collect DJ Angel from her gig at Progress in Derby and have her follow us back to the Gate as she didn’t know the route. About 30 minutes into the journey we lost her! Panic of course set in as she was the main DJ and the lack of sat navs and mobiles back then didn’t help the situation. In the end, Angel and her driver got to the club before myself and Kris so all was OK. Back on the decks after our crazy road trip and some guy decided to knock his drink over the decks causing another rather embarrassing moment. Needless to say, we were glad when the night was over!

What was the inspiration for your Deeper Sounds Brand and Radio Show?

After taking a little break from the club scene, I decided in 2012 to get involved again and give it another shot. Musically when I stopped, the scene was moving into the Electro House direction. Now it was all about the Deep House sound. I remember listening to some mixes by Shur-I-Kan and being inspired about the sound and the speed of the tracks he was playing. Normally I was used to playing at 125 BPM. These sets were around the 120-122 BPM. Couple of months later my first mix was done: ‘Deeper Sounds Volume 1’. January 2013, I spotted a post on Twitter by a new Leeds based Radio Station called ‘Radio Dream’. They were asking for DJ’s to host weekly shows on their station. Deeper Sounds launched on Radio Dream that February, and the main focus behind the show was to showcase Nu-Breed talent from across the globe, putting the spotlight on them and giving them the exposure they deserve.

As things progressed, I wanted to have more control on the broadcasting so I moved the show to Mixlr that August. By this time the interest in the show had increased and more DJs were wanting to feature on the show so I decided to extend from 2hrs to 4hrs and introduce extended specials on Bank Holidays. Deeper Sounds Nu-Breed, Deeper Sounds Global, Deeper Sounds Duo’s, Deeper Sounds Artist Special and Deeper Sounds Eclectic Selection were all introduced over the months that followed. The show has also seen guest mixes from some established artists including Darius Syrossian, Detlef, Jozef K, Danny Rampling, Altern 8, Cera Alba and Reboot to name but a few.

In April 2015, Deeper Sounds joined the weekly broadcasting schedule on 06am Ibiza Underground Radio.

In the future, I’d love to see Deeper Sounds added to an FM station here in the UK to give further exposure to the brand and the DJs it represents from around the globe each and every week. September 2014 saw the launch of Deeper Sounds Presents: ‘The Funhouse’, the vision of myself and Pablo C. We wanted to create a party that was a little different from the norm, but still keeping a quality soundtrack throughout. The focus again would be on Nu-Breed DJ’s and making them the headline act. We were very lucky to launch the night in Ibiza. Dunes was the venue, situated opposite Space and a few yards away from Ushuaia. The event received a full page advert in the Ushuaia Ibiza magazine. We had the UK Launch in Manchester in January 2015 and will be returning to Dunes Ibiza on the 4th September 2015 with an all-star NU-breed lineup!

Where do you consider home?

UK is the base, but Ibiza will always be very special to me. To have a place there would be incredible, both as a business perspective and as a place to get away and escape to.

When was your first visit to Ibiza?

September 1996. Went out for a week. My parents visited the island quite a bit in the late 60’s/early 70’s and had always talked about it. Feb 1996 was the year I got my first set of decks and was also the first year Radio 1 hit the island, and I needed to experience it for myself. I went back every year till 2005. In 2003 I proposed to my wife Karin in Figueretas Ibiza, and we returned there for our honeymoon in 2004.

Which nights are you looking forward to partying at yourself in Ibiza this year?

EL ROW, Do Not Sleep Ibiza, ANTS and La Familia are definitely ones to look forward to this year. Great lineups and some of the best venues on the island. DC-10 is one place I’ve never been to so would be great to catch either a Circo Loco or Paradise night. Outside of the clubs, Heart Ibiza is a new cool venue in Ibiza town that features live bands and DJ’s. Duran Duran are playing when were out so hopefully catch them. Pikes on a Sunday is another must, great food and great music. And finally Melon Bomb, a party hosted by Ushuaia Ibiza resident Paul Reynolds. These parties have been going off as late so hope to catch one of those!

Which DJs do you follow right now?

I get inspired by a number of DJ’s and always find it exciting to stumble across a new one with a completely different sound/vibe to what’s been heard before. I feel it makes you a better DJ to have a really broad spectrum of sounds rather than keeping to one type, taking inspiration from different countries and the sounds that they represent. Metodi Hristov, Matt McLarrie, Fred Everything, Tuff City Kids, Tom Budden, Nastia, Jozef K, And:Him, Reboot, Andrea Oliva and Eli Escobar to name but a few.


Sally Love – Resident at RoomTwo, and guest DJ for Deeper Sounds presents: The Funhouse


 When did you first start to DJ and what inspired you?

I started DJing in 2013, it’s always something I’ve wanted to do and had a passion for. I’ve been into the underground club scene since I was a teenager. Back in my hometown Cleethorpes in the mid 1990s, a group of DJs would organise illegal beach parties and underground club nights, and that’s when I first fell in love with house music. Some of my friends from school would be going to Take That concerts, but I’d be getting my mum to drop me off in Skegness for raves! A couple of years ago I took the plunge, bought myself some decent decks, and started to play. I’d nag my mates and offer to DJ at house parties in London, and then people started asking me to do bigger parties and then club nights in East London, and it just went from there.

Where was your first proper DJ gig?

Soho House in London. A friend asked me to play at an event there in 2013, and that was my first experience of DJing in front of people who weren’t just a group of my mates.

Which DJs / Producers have influenced you over the years?

Back in the 90’s I followed people like Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, and I think those early influences have stayed with me and shaped the music and sets that I play now. More recently, I’ve been inspired by artists such as Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Marco Carola and Monika Kruse. I love the stuff coming out on Drumcode at the minute.

What was the first house track or album you bought?

Renaissance: The Mix Collection by Sasha & John Digweed. Back in 1995 some of my older friends had been playing it, and the minute I heard it I was hooked. I still play it to this day, it never dates.

What album are you playing at the moment?

‘Powers of Ten’ by Stephan Bodzin. ‘Wir’ is on repeat, such a beautiful track.

Any funny DJ moments?

I was playing at a club in London earlier this year, and the DJ who was playing after me came up and took the wrong USB out of the CDJ. My track went into this weird ‘Emergency Auto-loop’ for ages until they could sort themselves out! I panicked but randomly the people on the dancefloor thought it was part of the track and some kind of big build up, and they got really excited, hands in the air and everything! Was a bit of a nightmare but turned out alright in the end!

Where do you consider home?

I’ve lived in London for 10 years now, so I consider this my home for the time being. But I’m still a Northern girl who hasn’t lost her roots! I go back to my hometown Cleethorpes regularly to see friends and family, and I’m also a resident DJ for a group called ‘RoomTwo’ up there, which I’m really proud about.

When was your first visit to Ibiza?

July 1997. I went with my first boyfriend and we spent 2 whole weeks clubbing our way around the island! I remember we went to Manumission at Privilege, back when they held their live sex shows, and we had never seen anything like that before! We carried on partying, and went to Space the next day for ‘Carry On’, back when the terrace at Space was open-air. We ended up sat next to Claire and Mike Manumission, and we were just in awe of them and their friends! The whole thing was the coolest thing I’d ever experienced. It’s one of my favourite memories. I’ve been out to Ibiza at least once every year since then.

Who is your ultimate DJ Idol?

Nicole Moudaber. I really love her sound, but even more I love her attitude.

Which nights are you looking forward to partying at yourself in Ibiza this year?

Enter at Space, Circo Loco and Paradise at DC10, and the outdoor parties at Beachouse.

Which are you favourite clubs in the world? 

Berghain and DC10.