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By Sean Lewis Subzee D is a Birmingham dubstep producer who’s a relative newcomer to the game. Since 2011, he’s nabbed releases on Caspa’s Dub Police, Jakes’ H.E.N.C.H., and Hatcha’s and N-Type’s Sin City labels. With a genre so polarized by aggressive electro-powered drops on one side and the deep, dark, and minimal beats on […]

By Ken Taylor There are many things to be concerned with as our years of music listening—particularly at loud volumes—turn over. One of the biggest, naturally, is how our hearing is affected, and how, sadly, as we grow older, we typically tend to lose the extreme ends of our aural spectrum. Click on through to […]

By Ken Taylor “This is a journey, but for us, we are not afraid of any consequences,” Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter told Vibe for the magazine’s brand-new cover story. “We do exactly what we want.” We’d definitely gathered that fact by watching the trajectory of the robots’ career so far, but there are many more […]

By Emmy Morales We’ve got a bunch of video content today—from new music clips from Fei-Fei, Big Black Delta, and George FitzGerald to documentaries on Holly Herndon and Danny Brown. But our first order of business: Michelle Obama has a hip-hop album coming out? …read more Via: Michelle Obama's hip-hop album, Claude VonStroke and Digitalism […]

By Brittany Gaston Over the past 20 years, Brian Transeau—or BT, as we’ve come to know him—has been flexing his muscle in the realms of songwriting, production, and technology. Championed by Sasha early in his career, this Grammy-winning artist has left an indelible mark on the music industry as a whole. From his signature stutter-editing, […]