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By Ken Taylor The flurry of activity in the dance-music world often reaches fever pitch come Friday, when the week’s big news stories have wrapped and the clubs and festivals get their sound-and-lighting rigs warmed up. All hail the weekend dance party. But will yours be filled with the sounds of Richard Simmons? …read more […]

By Ken Taylor Hitting a wall with your productions at the moment? Well, we’ve got a solution or two for breathing new life back into your music. In fact, we’ve got 50 of them, courtesy of Get That Pro Sound, which compiled this killer list of tips on breaking through the producers’ block. …read more […]

By Christine Kakaire Stefan Eichinger is something of a one-man industry, based out of Heidelburg, Germany. He is a film-score composer, musician, and mixing-and-mastering engineer, whose own quirky creations as Lopazz have found a home with Get Physical Music, Output, and Poker Flat. …read more Via: Go behind the boards at Get Physical with Lopazz, […]

By Jason Black Eat. Sleep. Rave. Rinse. Repeat. Such is the unlikely, uncanny life of the enigmatic Norman Cook (better known as Fatboy Slim). While maxing and relaxing in Ibiza this summer, Mr. Slim was invited to be celebrity mentor alongside Avicii, Maceo Plex, Joe Goddard, Solomun, and Steve Lawler at an intensive two-week boot […]

By Ken Taylor Being a bouncer definitely ain’t for everybody—it requires a lot more intelligence and skill than maybe what meets the eye. It also takes patience, restraint, and—believe it or not—empathy. Check out this firsthand account from one of these storied guardians of your good vibes. …read more Via: What you need to know […]

By Jason Black Serbian-born, Italian-bred Lea Dobricic, 28, is an up-and-coming producer who is known around Europe for her minimal mix of deep house, tech house, and techno. At the burn Residency finals in Ibiza this summer, she impressed the judges from the first night with her sly deck skills and winning attitude. As one […]

By Ken Taylor Back in the early days of Kompakt—we’re talking around 1999—Joachim Spieth was a name you’d regularly see floating around the newly minted minimal techno racks at your local dance vinyl shop. He helped establish the label with a couple of gorgeous slabs, and “Abi 99” and “You Don’t Fool Me” have since […]

By Ken Taylor If you’ve taken your decks anywhere outside the normal club conditions—heck, even those can be dangerous—you know that the poor things, despite how well-built they may be, are susceptible to all kinds of damage. Throw in extreme heat, unexpected dust storms, and all sorts of other mayhem—ahem, Burning Man—and you’ve got yourself […]