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        IMPRESS TECHNO RADIO SHOW                            PRESANT                   GIOLI  20/12/2015 WELCOME FROM ITALY GIOLI   Giolì is an Italian musician, dj and producer of 19 years old. When she was 10, she […]

  IMPRESS TECHNO RADIO SHOW                      PRESENT   DEVOTION PODCAST MIXED BY              SPARTAQUE 13/12/2015 FROM 2AM TUNE IN AND ENJOY THE SHOW ● Web: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Myspace: ● Youtube: ● Soundcloud: ● […]

IMPRESS TECHNO RADIO SHOW PRESENT GIGI SQUILLANTE FROM ITALY 06/12/2015 TUNE IN AND ENJOY IT!  Gigi Squillante was born and rised in a small town in the south of Italy.He’s more than a dj. Gigi Squillante is dj,producer, art director,radio speaker,vj…He is a creative artist, always in search of new dimensions in order to transmit […]

    IMPRESS TECHNO RADIO SHOW // DEVOTION PODCAST MIXED BY DOT CHANDLER aka FERNANDA MARTINS   DOT CHANDLER aka FERNANDA MARTINS (Brasil) TECHNO – Based in Barcelona/Spain ___________________________________________ For Bookings – Contrataciones – Reservas WORLDWIDE contact CUBBO BOOKINGS BookingAgent: Victor Peral SKYPE:victorperalromero PHONE(+34)651952008(Spain) _________________________________________ Para Contratações no Brasil – _______________________________________ Short Description […]

    IMPRESS TECHNO RADIO SHOW            PRESENT MIQUELITO                     22/11/2015      A zene megsokszorozza örömünket, megsokszorozza fájdalmunkat. Ha elviselhetetlen a fájdalom, a zene két lehetőséget hagy, és döntésre kényszerít: elpusztulni vagy újjászületni. Bio A techno tipikusan poszt-indusztriális jelenség, az információs […]

  IMPRESS TECHNO RADIO SHOW              15/11/2015                       ANIÈ  techno | tech house Band Members REMIX /// /// BOOKING /// ☐ + | tel + | 030 65211758 Home Town LEIPZIG | Germany Record Label Supdub | Great Stuff […]

  Impress Techno Radio Show 07/11/2015 2am        Devotion Podcast                      Mixed By      LUCAS FREIRE Tweets by djlucasfreire Lucas Freire was born in December 1979 in João Pessoa in the state of Paraiba but has […]

         HEROES OF TECHNO <>      PET DUO & CANDY COX         20/11/2015 MATTERSBURG (AU)   PET DUO   PETDuo: Machine Music with Heart and Soul! Rare is the electronic duo that makes a significant impact on the music scene, but even rarer is the electronic duo that […]