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Acid Pauli – Robot Heart – Burning Man 2014

Written by on January 2, 2015

Dear listener,
finally this year, I managed to see the man burn!
In the weeks and months before Burning Man a lot of my friends kept on telling me how amazing it was and most of them would conclude their eulogy with something like: „Burning Man changed my life“.
Well, I can not certainly say that Burning Man changed my life, but what I know for sure is that my life changed afterwards 😉
Very glad that I made it to this far away place and I hope to return next year.
I want to thank Lio and everybody at our nice camp and of course the robots who invited me to let their hearts beat according to my pace. It has been truly amazing.
The only thing I really had to struggle with, that Sunday morning on the Playa, was the sunlight that made it almost impossible to spot anything on the display, so please please please you geeks out there, come up with something that can work in sunlight, because we all love the sun!
Yours Acid Pauli