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Aaron Mills presents: TechnoSession Ibiza #04! Special guest: Johnny Kaos

Written by on June 3, 2013

Hey techno lovers! Hello by Aaron Mills Dj! What’s up? We are ready for another amazing techno show! This week we have a new svery special guest: his name is Johnny Kaos! He is also one of my favourite artists and a big friend, and his music is played in the best clubs of the world!

About Johnny Kaos

It has been a hard work to get his live set for 06amibiza, but between one gig and another he is going to do it! So, this week, TechnoSession Ibiza is Aaron Mills Vs. Johnny Kaos!

But who is this dj producer? He is very youg and talented, and has powerful tracks in some of the major techno and techouse labels of the market, such as MB Elektronics, BlaBla, Amazing, Sci+Tec, 1605 and many others. Most of his work is made with his friend Mattew jay, another great producer that we hope will soon be the new guest of Technosession Ibiza!

We are also working together to a new project that will be out soon, but I can’t say nothing more!

So don’t forget! Thursday and Saturday, from 22.00 to midnight, TECHNOSESSION IBIZA! The techno face of Ibiza!

Presented by Aaron Mills!


Latest tracks by Johnny Kaos


Johnny Kaos Biography:

“Lorenzo Pavan aka Johnny Kaos was born inConegliano Veneto (Italy) on 29th August 1990. Sincehe was very young, he had a strong passion fordancefloor’s music.The main features of Johnny’s productions are atypical dance floor’s bass-line and full and wellmolded groove; the combination of these elementsmake the dance floor explode breathing a smartmood.In 2009 he came out on a John Acquaviva’s label: theSouth American Sound; then in 2010 he met theMinicoolboyz who were interested in his sound andask him for an ep which came out on their label, theAmazing Record. Straight after Johnny received a lotof feedbacks among which there were some veryimportant ones from the best Djs of the electronicmusic world: Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Loco dice,Luciano, Marco carola, Paco osuna, John Acquaviva,KArotte, Adam Beyer, Umek, Marco Bailey, Audiojack,Monika Kruse, Joseph Capriati, Markantonio,Broombeck, Mauro Picotto, Simi, ThomasSchumacher, Uto Karem, Stephan Bodzin, Slam, RinoCerrone, Funkagenda and many more. Moreover hecame out on “natura viva”, Ocean dark, Go deeva eGet funky music…At the beginning of 2012 his track “Bailando” hits thedefected house’s compilation. Very soon, after this,Daniel Sanchez who wanted an album for the famous“Bla Bla Records” contacted him so Johnny prepareda 4-tracks album with a Alberto Pasqual’s rmx..After 2weeks, 2 tracks of the ep will come on beatporttechno chart! But this was just the beginning: afterplaying for 2 months Johnny’s track “Rollies”(featuring Mattew Jay), Dubfire decided to let thistrack come out on sci+tec digital audio on December2013. Shortly after he released one track onDeeperfect (Stefano Noferini’s label), and 2 releaseson Agile encodings (Uto Karem’s label) with hiscolombian’s friend Juan DDD. They have a verysimilar style, and first release on Agile encodingsarrived on Beatport techno chart! Now Johnny Kaosworks for another big labels: MBelektronic (2 releaseout soon with his friend Mattew Jay), KD music(Kaiserdisco’s label), Break New soil (Karotte’s label)

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