5 Mindblowing Underground Party Videos You Can’t Believe Really Existed

Written by on February 8, 2015

Since the birth of the underground party culture, in the 80’s scene of the UK best free parties, the freedom to party has been brutally killed and basically repressed like a sick animal. The underground culture, in order to stay alive, had to be “classified”, “legalized”, “emarginated” in cages called “clubs”.

Do you want to party? You need to pay. You have to be watched like a kid at school by two dozens of security gorillas.
Do you want to drink? You need to leave the money you earned in 8 hours of work for a couple of beers.

This is not freedom, this is not celebrating the life. This is killing human nature which was born with the rhythm in the blood, like the tribes, like the ancient dances at the light of the moon around the fire.
All for the love of the money, everything to control what the conformists cannot understand.

But we are here to tell you this: there was a time when the world was still free.
There was a freaking time where young and old people were able to dance together for a week, right in the middle of the city, between houses and factories, right in the streets, exactly in the same places where nowadays you can walk and recognize as dead towns full of people looking the street with the mind absorbed in their small office work.

There was a time where the weekend was a time to really celebrate, to celebrate the friendship, and to celebrate the freedom.

We are here now to let you see 5 selected videos that will remind you what freedom means, and, incase you are young, to let you know there was a time when things where different.

The power that belongs to the people will return to the people.


Detroit Underground Techno Rave Party

Shoer movie by Unsel Brown about underground raves, 19


Free Tekno – Full Documentary

The Underground Techno culture becomes Tekno (or Tekkno), illegal parties in bohemian style held in places in the woods or abandoned warehouses. What is behind this parties? This documentary explains something….

Acid House 1989 Illegal Rave Part 02 Sunrise Energy

Citing from comments:

“No violence, no alcohol, no cocaine, no attitude, no fashion snobs, thousands of instant best friends, mass joy, black and white dancing together, smiling at each other… you can’t bring that back. Its gone. It was unique. 1989-1993: The Last Great Party of Humanity before our monitored, regimented, vacuous, modern world nailed the lid down forever. “

Tekno – The Breath Of The Monster

After the UK laws forbidding the free parties with electronic music, the trucks full of speakers and amplifiers crossed the English Channel, reaching Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Slovenia. This documentary shows you the real travel, the real spirit, the repression and the will to live of the participants.

Authorities doesn’t want to repress music or dance, they want to repress the freedom of expression, the freedom to be aware of the power of the people. Is not a matter of drugs, nor rebellion. Is about sharing a spirit and a moment. Is about celebrating life all together, to remember that we are alive.


Carl Cox @ amnesia 1990 Exclusive Video

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